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Founded in 1932 and chartered by Congress in 1981, the Italian American War Veterans of the United States and its Women’s Auxiliary assist American veterans of both genders and all national origins.

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National offices are located at 115 S. Meridian Road, Youngstown, OH 44509. For details, call 330-793-5213 or visit


The sons and daughters of Italy have established a legacy of bravery in America that extends from the birth of our nation to modern times. Italian Americans have fought for Old Glory over the centuries, and countless thousands have made the supreme sacrifice. They have served with distinction in every major conflict and have attained the upper echelons of military leadership. Thousands have earned Distinguished Service Crosses and Medals, Bronze and Silver Stars, Navy Crosses, and Congressional Medals of Honor, and tens of thousands have earned the Purple Heart. Over the centuries, Italian Americans have: Inspired the phrase “All men are created equal.”

  - Signed the Declaration of Independence.

  - Rode through the night to cast a critical vote in favor of the American Revolution

  - Performed in the first Marine Corps Band

  - Turned the tide in the war against the Barbary pirates of Tripoli.

  - Made up the largest ethnic fighting force in World War II.

  - Earned more than two dozen Congressional Medals of Honor.

  - Held the top three spots on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

All of these accomplishments and many more are brilliantly showcased at the Italian American Veterans Museum and Library.

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Last Updated: February 25, 2023

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